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Monday, 17 March 2014
Posted by takuma ★

and here i naively thought summer was finally coming but apparently not

also i finally started to read guardians of the galaxy like wtf  i deserve a medal or something because i've been procrastinating it for months now. and no idea why even, because it's awesome. now i'm even more excited about the upcoming movie. i hope it's gonna be good. and it would be really cool if tony stark would do a cameo in it because hey, that would be freaking amazing - quite unlikely though but you can always hope, eh. 

guardians of the galaxy more like nerds in space. 

i'm so sad bc i want to buy more comics but fuck finland and its pathetic selection of comics
 (((i'm literally upset about this 24/7 because it's not fairrrrrrr i don't like finland)))

oh yeah, and the another thing i've been procrastinating is school stuff basically, e.g. we have an internship coming up in 5 weeks or so and i still have no clue where i'm going and i'm getting a bit stressed out because of it hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck me

don't procrastinate important things kids you'll just hate yourself and basically drown in stress 

tbh i have finished playing mgr for so many times already that i kinda lost count. it honestly still pains me just how short the game is so that's why i keep re-playing it ,, ,. . ....

 i think i should buy the mgs legacy collection but.......... hnnghghhh

but in the other news, i've been quite social lately (mostly because my laptop almost got broken ahahahah...). i actually went to my friend's housewarming party yesterday (and stayed there for the night because i was too lazy to go home lol). we had fun! i was a bit nervous about it first because i didn't know anyone there except my friend, but in the end it wasn't that bad. we didn't really do anything though, just played "who am i" and talked about basically everything. and of course we ate. a lot. i was so happy because i've been craving for blueberry - and apple pie for months and guess what there was A LOT of blueberry pie and i was happy. ate like tons of it. 

my hand kinda slipped the other day. .. . .. . i just had to buy this bc hells yeah. 
i need more albums from deathstars. especially the Greatest hits on Earth

baby ♥

but that's it for now, see ya next time!

i look like a hobo 99% of the time tbh


Saturday, 8 March 2014
Posted by takuma ★

since i was bored as hell i decided to install a new theme

.. which was pain in the ass since i suck at html thiNGS

i'm fucking studying ict and i don't even know how to do this stuff properly gkjdfh

but guess what i'm going to do now ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

new apartment & some other stuff

Thursday, 6 March 2014
Posted by takuma ★

yeah, okay, alright. i didn't remember that writing a blog was this hard. 
???? i have no idea what to write ?????

as the title says, i have finally moved to the new apartment. the people who follow me on twitter already know this, but i, uh, had to move from the former apartment - because of reasons. stupid reasons. but let's not go there again, i wish i could just forget about the whole thing tbh . ....


so much stuff.... 
i moved on monday and my back and arms are still sore as hell ughgghj

my room looks.. pretty much the same as the former one. 
it's slightly bigger tho (and cheaper!!!) 

ps. notice my pretty loki & iron man posters on the wall (◕‿◕✿) 
i want more marvel posters hnnnnnnnnnnnngggghhh

since my sister and her boyfriend were the ones who helped me with the moving, i promised to take them out for dinner. we chose Momento, because hell yeah good and cheap food. this steak was so good aaahhhhh especially the curry mayonnaise just fucking drown me in curry mayonnaise 

taku the ultimate h0b0 ready for school
wow i'm really short 

even if i was really pissed of at myself and at everything because of the moving, now i don't really mind anymore. my flatmates seem nice and the apartment is really cozy, and it's even cheaper and closer to the train station (like 15 meters wow). onni onnettomuudessa, vai miten se sanonta menee

<<<next up; picture spam>>>>

my classmate was in new york few weeks ago, and i was half-joking when i asked him to bring me some comics, preferably young avengers - AND GUESS WHAT HE ACTUALLY DID. 

 i love my classmate(s) (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧

taku eating breakfast for the first time in 3 years ft. JiM 


checking out the booty like 

that's it for now. see ya!

here have a derpy wannabe-anime-boy-what-the-fuck-is-this-shit selfie

since i have a day-off (i'm sick) and i have nothing better to do i thought i could do short reviews about these two games i finished playing recently (well i finished bts some time ago but whatever)

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

i haven't played the metal gear series before this, so naturally i had no idea what the fuck was going on 90% of the time, but it didn't really matter in the end. i really enjoyed playing mgr: revengeance, although it did have few cons that disappointed me. but nothing's perfect, right? when putting it shortly, in the game the main character, raiden (also known as jack the ripper) is on a revenge trip, trying to stop the Desperado, a punch of bad guys wanting to start a new war. 

 you can read more about the plot here (spoiler warning)


+ amazing graphics 
+  the combat style is really cool and actually really addicting too
+ raiden's ripper mode
+ raiden's metal ass and high heels
+ awesome soundtracks
+ cyborgs 


- the game is ridiculously short
- no actual plot
- sometimes the voice-acting kinda sucks 
- long cutscenes 

some people say that the biggest reason the game sucked was just the "no actual plot" thing, but i didn't actually mind at all. i love well-written plotlines, but every now and then you just want to play something where you don't need to think about anything, at least not much and you don't have to stress about saying the wrong things like in most rpg games (*coughs* mass effect). and since i love cyborgs and a little bit twisted characters, i totally fell in love with the game and i am probably going to buy the earlier games once i have enough money. 

but yeah, if you want to enjoy good graphics and a good-looking cyborg dude and kill a punch of bad guys, i totally recommend buying this game.  

Beyond: Two Souls

this game was just goddamn amazing. i wanted to try it for a really long time, but since it was and is still quite expensive in stores (around 60 euros), i didn't buy it because i'm really suspicious about new things, whenever it was a game or a tv-show; i want to know if it's actually good before i spend money on it (plus i'm rly stingy shhshshhh). and then my dearest sister borrowed the game to me, and what can i say: i loved it. i even got it as a christmas present from my dad later!

shortly, the game is about a young woman named jodie holmes. ever since she was born, she was linked with an "entity" named aiden. without spoiling anything aiden is kinda like a ghost or other supernatural being and no one can see him except jodie. aiden helps jodie during the game in many ways, whenever it's about opening a heavy door or fighting enemies. jodies fights herself, too, but sometimes the situation gets too hot and she needs aiden's help. 


+ amazing graphics
+ very good plot
+ likable characters
+ slow-motion combat scenes
+ playing on aiden


- the plot is kinda confusing and disorganized sometimes
- the game is kinda short
((((- sometimes the game feels more like a movie than a game, 
but i have no idea should i put it on cons or pros... it's kinda both)))

okay, that's about it! crappy short reviews for some unknown reason, but hey, at least i'm being (uncharacteristically, may i add) active in here!

ps. i hope you like my new banner !
i should really come up with another url for this blog

what am i doing

Thursday, 16 January 2014
Posted by takuma ★

hi guys! yes, i am still alive despite the fact that i haven't been updating in six months or so, sorry about that. even though i have a feeling that no one even uses blogspot anymore (at least none of my friends do) and i never have anything worth updating about. i actually forgot about the whole thing, i mean i literally forgot i have a blog??? i have no idea about the future, no idea if i'm going to update more than this, but we'll see. at least i have few things to tell you, since it's been a long time since the last update.


here's my "game collection" for now. i still have many xbox games tho since i haven't found a buyer for them yet, so if anyone's interested or if you know someone who might be; please tell me! (i have skyrim, the mass effect trilogy, dead island, assassin's creed II, prototype, hunted, DAO and fable II) i need money for new ps3 games huehuehuehuehu 

needless to say, the ps3 has made me very happy. you can just imagine my pain with a broken xbox, i had nothing else to do than waste my time on the internet (which i am still doing, no idea why). and now i can easily download DLC's, too! jesus christ i have spend more money on mass effect dlc's than the mass effecT GAMES

and oKAY probably the greatest thing what happened during 2013 wAS THOR THE DARK WORLD  PREMIERE i can't remember the last time i was laughing that much in a movie theater 

loki is a little fu ckign prick and i love him a lot 

sorry about the censor aura i thought you wouldn't appreciate me putting this picture here

okay what else

school has been kinda stressing for me lately. i can't remember if i mentioned about it, but i got into an ICT-school (in Helsinki Business College aka SLK). after these months i have been seriously doubting if it's my thing at all. it's quite challenging for a person who has never done anything else with computers than surfed on the internet (especially when the teachers seem to assume that everyone knows the basics already). we shall see. i have no other idea what to do with my life, so i guess i'm sticking with it. 

next there will be a picture spam because i have no idea what else to do with this update 

okay, if you have been reading my blog for a while, you might know that i tend to spend christmas with my family in joensuu - and this was the case last year too. but guess what, before christmas i attended to a wedding. who's wedding? my dad's

i can't say i was too happy about it, since i don't get along with his wife at all, but at least there was good food. and it was nice to see some relatives once in a while. 

derping w/ my dearest sister while drunk people were singing karaoke. nice. 

and then we went to lieksa to spend the christmas with my mom & stepdad. tbh i just watched moomins with my little brother and ate fuckloads of food during that week. great times. 

okay seriously guys young avengers is the best comic ever 5345235/5 i totally recommend it to everyone. one panel makes you laugh your ass off and the second makes your wanna rip your heart out and isn't that the best thing ever i'm a masochist. also everyone are very gay. and loki has an instagram account.

i still should finish reading journey into mystery, thor & the mighty thor but i just keep re-reading young avengers over and over again...........

i've been wanting to read more comics for a long time now and it's FUCKING ANNOYING that they are so freakin' expensive in finland. literally at least 20 euros (and comics are like 3 dollars in america so yeah guess how pissed off i am). i should order something from amazong because downloading stuff makes me feel bad... 

and the rest is just the basic stuff: lots of playing, lots of comics, lots of feelings and lots of crying. nothing amazing. i have no idea what else to tell you??

but hey i feel kinda proud of myself because despite the fact that i totally suck at keeping and writing a blog, i still updated. that must be a miracle or something. i apologize for my bad english and foolish babbling, and i thank those who are still reading my blog because tbh i have no idea who would do that voluntary. 

here have a crappy selfie 
my hair is a lot shorter now as you can see.

okAY see yA >>

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